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The company indigo repeatedly was rewarded with gratifying letters( the company CSM, ZQAN Holding, Perfumes de France, AZZA MMC, Besttrans), diplomas for production of high quality, among which the diploma “Humay-2002”-  for the best printing book, premium “Humay-2003” for using new technologies  and  as the most leading printing company et.c.





Salahov Tariyel Avtandil





Salahov Avtandil Tariyel

Commerce director

(012) 596-17-12/13/14 (inside: 100)

Huseynova Kamala Kamal

Chief of the finance

(012) 596-17-12/13/14 (inside: 112)

Bananyarski Elshan Rovshan

Deputy of the director

(012) 596-17-12/13/14 (inside: 102)

Aliyev Nuraddin Movsum

Chief of the department of technical property

(012) 491-00-23
(012) 497-81-40

Huseynov Mehman Karim

Head of the Department of color dividing and VIP Sales

(012) 596-17-12/13/14 (inside: 103)

Khalilov Fakhri Mais

Deputy director of the department of technical property

(012) 491-00-23

Zeynalov Nizami Zeynal

Equipment chief master

(012) 596-17-12/13/14 (inside: 122)

Safarova Yasamen Aqababa

Chief of the serious report forms

(012) 596-17-12/13/14 (inside: 122)

Khuseinov Kanan Asaf

General manager

(012) 596-17-12/13/14



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