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ADAST AGRIA are designed for cutting labels from paper, various types of foil, plastics and other similar materials


The advantage of the machine is high labor productivity, simple installation of the cutting tool and its replacement, machine mobility and small installation dimensions.


A high level of work safety is provided by an infrared light barrier that protects the workspace.


The standard delivery includes one stamp with the form at will of the customer and a power cable with a length of 5 m with a plug.


When installing and replacing the stamp, all fastening and adjusting bolts are manually loosened.


The waste conveyor allows you to perform work quickly and smoothly.

Reducing the height of the cutting edge of the stamp can be adjusted with the set screws located under the hydraulic cylinder.


Machines ADAST AGRIA fully comply with the requirements of the European certification of HS and CE.


Performance - 480,000 labels per hour.




- The maximum paper size is 200 mm x 200 mm


- Maximum clamping force 32 kN Stroke


- (Maximum height of the foot) 150 mm


- Number of strokes per minute 8


- Total power 1.7 kW, 400 V


- The oil volume in the hydraulic system is 25 cubic meters.


- The length of the machine is 1700 mm


- Machine width 630 mm


- Machine height 1250 mm


- Machine weight 405 kg

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