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• Offers interesting, high-paid work;

• Always ready to effective and long term cooperation;

• Appraise with dignity your professionalism and eagerness;

• Offers comfortable conditions of work: flexible graph with extra-paid hours, high equipped working  place, home nutrition;

• Offers whole methodical and inquiry material for work, conduct training of personnel;

• Provides high competitiveness of work payment;

• Always investigate the market of work with the improving purpose of offered terms;

• Passes amassed knowledge to new personnel;

• Actively assists your career growth;

• Values on its specialists, appreciate and take care of them;

• Observes law, rules and ethical norms.

Thanks for solid action of big and friendly collective, we take the first stand in the market and we give to the clients of the company qualitative products and high level service.

If you want to work in the company where we give great attention to command and cooperative spirit, where the career growth depend only on yourself, where you can and must work in good mood then we offer you to take part in the competition of substitution of the vacancies in the printing house INDIGO.

We need manager for work with clients:

Demands to competitor:

• it is desirable practice in printing work;

• age of 23 to 30;

• education is not significant;

• active life style;

• PC –confident user.

Terms of work:

• the whole working day;

• payment according to interview;

• Registration  according to TK of Azerbaijan Republic;

office is situated in the centre of the city, not far from the metro station Nizami .Address: B. B. Medjidov  st, ap. 44/46



• work with new and constant clients;
• polite and correct conduct of negotiations;
• legalization of orders and conducting of calculations in electron base;


Control of order from beginning till its returning to a client.

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