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Frequently Asked Questions

1 .Why should our choice be the Indigo Print House ?

There are many reasons for this. Most importantly, the office meets modern requirements, availability of equipment that meets the latest requirements of the polygraphic industry, the quality of product quality, professional staff, high level of service offered to customers, presentations for each customer.


2. Information about your staff?

More than 90 of our professional staff work in the equipment that meets the latest requirements of the polygraphic industry.


3. What is minimum and maximum number of orders?

We can print from 1 number to any number.


4. What printing products can you print?

We can print all kinds of polygraphic products. For example: printing on business card, booklet, leaflet, catalog, magazine, book, vinyl and banner, printing on cups and so on.


5. How long can you order orders?

In case of digital printing within 24 hours, the offset diameter is returned within 1 business day.


6. What is the cost of the design service?

The price of the design service varies depending on the type, volume and complexity of the ordered product.

For example, the price of the business card design is cheaper than the booklet.


7. Do you have an e-mail service?

Yes delivery service is available at our disposal. We will be notified when ordering a pre-order.


8. How to make the paragraph?

Payment can be by way of cash or by transfer.


9. Do I need to pay all my payment at the time of order?

If your payment is less than 100, 100% of the payment will be paid at the time of order. If your payment exceeds 100 AZN, 50% of the payment will be paid at the time of order submission.


10. Who is responsible for errors in the order?

The customer is responsible if the model is approved.


11. What does the price of the product differ from?

The price varies mainly from circulation, format, paper.


12. What is the difference between the prices in the book and the actual orders received?

The price mentioned on the site and the actual order given at the time of the announcement is different, but is marked on the site only when the action is held. Maybe you have applied after the expiration of the action.

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